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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Who we are?

We are a bunch of enthusiasts, expert in technology, computer hardwares, coding, designing, video editing and of course writing.

What we do?

We read, write, research and test latest hardwares, gadgets, innovations and create contents for our valuable audience who shares the same passion.

Why we do it?

We are enthusiasts and consumer just like you, hence we feel the need of research being made. Someone has to start digging and yes we take pride in it.


Md. Zahidul Haque
Writer, Director // Founded PC Builder Bangladesh back in 2013.
Wasi Rahman
Hardware Expert, Content Creator
Sifat Rabby
Reviewer, Journalist & Market Analyst with a knack for delicious food
Ananya Zaman
Writer, Editor //   I am the engine of this website, i run it and i bully others.
Mahbub Alam Rakib
Writer, Hardware & Custom Loop Expert
A casual/occasional gamer,writer,programmer and PC enthusiast. 🙂
Rahat Rahman
Reviewer, Writer // Writing is my passion.
Efat Al Maun
Avid gamer and an enthusiast by heart.