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NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 Ti: Washed and thrashed by Reviewers

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So, as it stands, luckily or unluckily, sadly or happily, we haven’t got the chance to review NVIDIA’s latest released ‘mid-range’ GPU, the ‘mighty’ Geforce RTX 4060 Ti, but that doesn’t stop us from having some chit-chats with our beloved audiences, sharing our thoughts on this very product. Reviewers all over the world have already white-washed this graphics card very badly. Today, we shall go through some of the reviews and discuss formally about the pros and cons (I’m afraid we might end with zero pros).

Almost every reviewer went hard at 4060 ti, 99% of the reviews are negative out of 100. We would like to pick videos from few of the most famous PC based youtubers.

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Hardware Unboxed: Laughably bad at 400USD

Let’s start with your favorite content creator Hardware unboxed from Australia. The caption of Steve’s video says that the RTX 4060 Ti is laughably bad with its 400 US Dollar price tag. We know Steve as a gentleman, he was gentle in his video also. But gently he roasted NVIDIA’s latest but not the greatest 60 class Graphics card of RTX 40 family. Thumbnail says that NVIDIA’s been selling trash. He didn’t bother recalling the specs of the 4060 ti as it was discussed in details in a previous and separate video by his colleague Tim.

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It was very gentle but perfect roast for straight 36 mins without any break. After the introduction he directly jumped into the very popular blue bar graphs. His review contained 15 games and each of them was tested in three resolutions. You should not mind if we recall some of those blue bars.

As you can see, in Fortnite, the game was about 5.7% faster than its predecessor in 1080p, and in 1440p it was worse, scoring almost the same as 3060 ti. Next up, In RE4, the 4060 ti was 14% faster than 3060 ti beating the 3070 by a margin of 5% when it was tested in 1080p. In 1440p, it performed same as 3070.

In plague tale requiem, the GPU was just 6% faster than its predecessor. Horrible! He said that performance of the test subject is decent but underwhelming in f1 2022.

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In dying light and watch dogs it was 10-15% faster than the 3060 ti respectively. Out of all the games, the GPU delivered kind of best result in Forza Horizon. In this game it was 23 % faster than 3060 ti. He said it is kind of the minimum amount of performance boost a GPU should have from its previous generation.

The game lagged behind 3060 ti shamelessly in Hogwarts Legacy in 1080p. The incident repeated in the Last of US Part I.

Power consumption is probably the only part of the video in which Steve praised the 4060 ti.

On average, the 4060 Ti was about only 9% faster than 3060 ti in 1080p and 5% in 1440p.

Later he talked about the potential drawbacks of the 8G VRAM with some examples. In the final thought section, he stated that a 4060 Ti with 8GB VRAM shouldn’t cost more than 300 USD. He also said that because the GPU is not too strong, Steve just didn’t test ray tracing on it. He added that frame generation technology will not solve vram issues and performance related issues. He ends his video suggesting that the GPU should be avoided with its 400 USD price.


Gamers Nexus: Do not buy

Moving forward, we have Steve from Gamers Nexus. Thumbnail says “waste of silicon” while the caption or title suggests not to buy the RTX 4060 Ti. Straightforward spoiler or for the viewers that you wont find any positive verdict about the GPU in this video.

The introduction of this video was actually the conclusion. Steve said that the 4060 ti is one of the worst GPU launches by NVIDIA ever covered by them and they don’t want to waste much time. In real life scenarios the increased cache wont make any difference as the bus and bandwidth has been narrowed down. He discussed about the bad marketing of NVIDIA with game resolutions. Other cheaper 60 class Cards  from the older gens were pushed for FHD gaming 5/6 years ago.

He was desperate and as well as interested at the same time to see that how does actually the cache boost work despite having significantly downgraded memory configuration. Thats why he focused on 1440p and higher resolution,specially 4k.The end results were just horrible.

He quoted the 3060 ti performing equal to the 4060 ti as “concerning” and “embarrassing” and “ridiculous” when the performance gap was not more than 2-3fps .

He tested some games with ray tracing enabled.

Linus Thanks NVIDIA:

Chief Linus made a sarcastic video which is titled with “Thank you NVIDIA”. He took the sarcasm to the next level in the very beginning of the video. Then he talked about the recent alarming VRAM usage trend by latest AAA games even in 1080p indicating that the 4060 ti is not equipped with the ideal amount of VRAM in 2023. Before that he praised the RTX  4060 ti and its memory configuration next to the 3060 ti (obviously it was a sarcasm).

Later he showed some benchmark charts. This review did include some productivity benchmarks also which obviously weren’t positive. But according to linus the extra cache memory might have helped the 4060 ti in the ray-tracing on scenario.

In the later part of the video, Linus was a bit positive about the features and many technical advantages of 4060 ti. The video was kind of neutral in terms of verdicts and linus did not go that much hard at NVIDIA compared to others. Overall it had a positive vibe.

Although, he concluded that the 4060 ti does not offer a good value ,neither does the 16GB version as both of them are equipped with 128 bit memory.

Kitguru Cannot Recommend 4060 Ti

Kitguru started their review by  a reminder that back in december 2020, NVIDIA launched 4060 ti and advertised as a blistering fast 1440p GPU. Kitguru praised it too. The reviewer looked surprised by the major downgrades found in the memory configuration of 4060 ti compared to the previous generation. It was a 37 min long video with a lot of charts,technical comparisons and constructive discussions.

After the intro he compared the specs then the charts started to be shown. In most of the games tested by Kitguru, the 4060 ti was around 10% faster in 1080p than 3060 ti. but in 1440p the lead continuously dropped down to 2-5% and in some cases,nothing. RDR2 was the best title for 4060 ti in terms of generational uplift, it was 19% and 17% faster in 1080p 1440p respectively in this title.

In uncharted it was 16% faster than its predecessor 3060 Ti in 1080p and 10% in 1440p.

On average of 12 games, 4060 ti was 6% faster than 6700XT and 11% faster than 3060 Ti. In 1440p the gap between 3060 ti and 4060 ti was just 8% . The reason for the struggle is pretty clear, VRAM Capacity and specifications.

According to the current pricing, in terms of being better value for money, 4060 ti is badly beaten by 6600 XT, 6600 and  6700 XT. Worst case is, in 1440p it just matches with 3060 ti meaning that generational uplift is actually “NULL”.

With ray tracing turned on, 4060 ti was 11% faster than the 3060 ti in 1080p and 14% faster in 1440p. Certainly relatively good result.

In the conclusion section, the reviewer said that 8GB is not enough for 1440p gaming in 2023 and later. The lack of VRAM causes continuous stutters which make games just unplayable in many cases. He says this is not a product “I can recommend” . In his words, its a “Pathetic Gen to Gen Upgrade” and “very disappointing”. He added that, the DLSS might be a good .helpfui feature but it cannot be the main selling point.

 Tech Yes City: would’ve cost 290USD by 2020’s dollar.

This content was little bit short compared to other 30min videos. He started with benchmark charts. It was a calm and cool review as always. He said that ,based on his testing, the 4060 ti is a good value, not better value. The charts didn’t say anything new.Mostly the differences between 4060 ti and 3060 ti were between 5-8% in 1080p and around 3-4% in 1440p.

Techtesters:Neutral caption,but…. It is what it is

Techtester from Netherlands also agrees with other reviewers. in her opinion, 12% performance uplift is absolute bare minimum from a previous generation graphics card.Its absolutely not worth upgrading from a 3060 ti. She also says that a card worth of 400 USD should be able to play 1440p games with ease. Although the 4060 ti just can manage 1440p at this moment , in future it will struggle for sure. The 4060 ti just made RTX 4070 to look better.

Digital Foundry joins the party late but that does not make the 4060 ti anything better

Another famous youtube channel called digital foundry  which makes very informative and technical comparisons and analyses, published their video after a few days of the launch of the 4060 Ti. Firstly the reviewer admitted all the allegations,questions and points that have been made against the RTX  4060 ti , he said that all of them are legit. Caption of his video goes by “the disappointment is real”. In the very beginning he said that the generational performance boost is very much underwhelming compared to the previous generation GPUs like 3060 ti vs 2060, 2060 vs 1070 etc. As expected, he also did not like the “1080p GPU” marketing by NVIDIA. His testing showed basically no improvement over the 3060 ti in 1440p rasterization performance.


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