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BFHD: The Revival of Battlefield 2

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From the first Wolfenstein game to the Teasers of the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, FPS gaming has come a long way from its roots. FPS games are coming out these days similar to those bulls in the Spanish Running of the Bulls event. But unlike those bulls, quality is rare in those games.

BFHD PRO II mod for Battlefield 2 - Mod DB

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Battlefield games have appealed to gamers for their open-ended sandbox style of gameplay, but it is a matter of sorrow that the franchise has had a nose dive starting with the release of Battlefield V back in November 2018. Recently, the series hit the pit of the ocean with the disastrous release of Battlefield 2042.

NEW Battlefield 2 HD Remastered - Combat & Training - Gameplay 1.65 / 2017 - YouTube

When the community talks about the golden days of Battlefield, we generally hear about Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4, but we rarely hear about Battlefield 2, which is pretty much the Modern Warfare 4 of the Battlefield Franchise, because it is Battlefield 2 that shaped the premise of the future Battlefield games. Project Reality is a modification of this game which is the fundamental structure followed by a lot of popular milsim games.

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BF2 HD Remastered 3.0 - Myanmar HD image - Mod DB

Battlefield 2 shows its age considering it is a game that was released in 2005. The BFHD mod is a free, standalone community remaster of Battlefield 2 that attempts to modernize the game and bring it close to today’s standards. Even after the limitations of the Battlefield 2 engine, the mod does a great job of modernizing the game. Even after the fact that the game is a long way from today’s standards, it is still enjoyable and millions of times better than the vanilla game.

BF2 HD Remastered Maps 2.0 - Vanilla Sky mod for Battlefield 2 - Mod DB

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Installing the mod:

The BFHD mod is a mod, but it has its own installer, meaning you do not have to go through the hassle of installing yet another game and then modding it.

You will have to download the installation files from BFHD’s ModDB page. It uses a bit.ly link, so if you are unable to access it, you may use this link.

After you are done downloading, simply unzip the folder and run BFHD.exe. The installer is fairly straightforward. Hit next, read agreements, select the installation folder, then hit install.

Hit random when it asks for a key and apply it. After that, you may close the installer. It would generally be incorrect to do this, and it would fall into piracy, but Battlefield 2 is not available for purchase anymore, so it is fine here.

Install PunkBuster.

After a restart, you will be ready to play the game. Enjoy!

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