Top 5 Android Apps for Business Managers

The large and medium scale business organizations deal with ample of complex and time-consuming tasks and projects. The entrepreneurs and the business managers of these enterprises are obligated to execute countless business operations including the management of human resource and finance. To help out the businesses streamline complicated processes and efficiently carrying out the lengthy business assignments, the technologists have developed several business management mobile phone applications.

The appropriately picked business management app provides great support to the business managers and employers. We have reviewed several Android applications designed to accommodate the business operations and shared here a few apps that worth mentioning. From managing the workforce to keeping a check on the employee productivity, these Android apps enable the managers to manage the human resource without any restriction of time or jurisdiction. Wherever you are, you can manage and carry out your business operations via Android business apps from any corner of the world.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is an Android tracking app intended for the employers to supervise the mobile phone use of their workers to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities. Monitoring the employees and tracking their productivity are among the most important business aspects because they are directly linked to the output and the profitability of the business. The cell phone spying software helps the human resource manager to find out what the workers do during office hours and in what type of events they are engaged. The mobile phone tracking allows monitoring the remote workforce, customer care representatives, marketing team and freelancers.

The spying app for android enables the managers to track the incoming and outgoing messages and phone calls of their workers; track the locations of remote workers; monitor the professional and personal social media, email and online accounts of the workers; track the inward and outward emails and access the keystrokes. Among the cell phone spy app features, internet monitoring is another most significant feature. The spy app enables the business manager to supervise the internet use of the workers to prevent them from unproductive use of the internet. To cut the long story short, the Android spy app lets you monitor and record almost every activity of the workforce performed on their mobile phones. The computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy also enables the business managers to track the Windows and MAC computers.


Futuramo offers numerous applications to businesses for the purpose of communication, collaboration and productivity monitoring including Futuramo task management app, bug tracking app with visual annotation tool, time tracking app and project collaboration app among others. With the smart task management app, you can manage individual and group tasks; assign tasks to multiple workers, and track and evaluate the task progress of the workers.

The time management tools of Futuramo lets you monitor, analyze and manage time in an efficient way. You can find out how much time is being spent by your workers on particular tasks and projects and what they are busy doing in real-time. The user-friendly statistics lets you understand the performance of individuals and groups. It helps you identify your efficient and unproductive workers. Also, the time tracking enables you to get the most out of the workers. The project management tools enable the business managers to deal with the clients and manage the projects. Developing the projects and clients list on Futuramo platform, you can access your clients and projects from anywhere and anytime.


Who would not be familiar of Skype? The instant messaging app is the commonly used communication app in the businesses. It allows exchanging texts messages, audio and video calls, photos, videos, document files, emoticons, mojis and plenty of other stuff. Though there are numerous mobile phone applications developed for communication purpose, Skype is considered the most reliable and popular app that supports multiple computer and mobile phone operating systems including Android. The application facilitates in-house communication and allows connecting with the clients and third parties. The conference calls of Skype let you have a meeting with your business workers and higher authorities. With a simple Android app, you can be virtually present anywhere and anytime.


TimeDoctor, as depicted by the name, is a time-management app particularly intended for the business management purposes. Compatible with Android phone and many other operating systems, the app allows monitoring and managing the time spent by the workers during the working hours. As well as tracking and managing the time, the application enables the business managers to track the productivity of the workers. The workforce productivity monitoring helps to prevent the workers from engaging in unwanted and unproductive activities to kill the working hours. It also provides tools to monitor the internet access of the workers and eliminate the internet distractions. You can see how the workers are using the company internet; how much time they spend on each website; and whether their internet use is work-related or not. Moreover, the Android app allows prioritizing your tasks and monitoring the real-time activities of the in-house workers and freelancers.


FreshBooks is an Android app intended for SMEs to streamline and accommodate finance and accounts related operations. The app is being used by millions of businesses for client invoicing and time tracking. It tracks the invoices; helps to create personalized invoices and generates periodic invoices and bills. The software allows the business managers and employers to manage the expenses and create a report regarding all the company expenses. It enables credit card payments, PayPal, Google Checkouts and integrates with several business systems and applications. The software comes with a modernized interface; allows collaboration with individuals and teams and offers improved quality of work. You can access the work-related data from where and anytime and execute accounting processes regardless of your location. FreshBooks also offers secure backups for your business data. The improved version of the Android app also offers seamless and streamlined communication.

Hope you would have found this list helpful in picking out the best Android app for business management.


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