8 Cougar Conquer Photos that will crave you

8. Cougar Conquer Front View

Cougar Conquer looks tremendous from its front. I have to say its one of a kind computer case. This really adds a hardcore gaming feel to your setup.

7. Front Panel

They included couple of USB 3.0, audio input/output, reset and power button in front panel.

6. Cooling

Three 120 mm fans are included with the casing to be mounted on its top. A 360 radiator can easily fit there for those who plan to custom cool their build.

5. Tempered Glass

The case comes with two 5 mm tempered glasses on both sides. When installed the case stands firm and doesn’t feel that shaky when it was standing on its backside at the time of assembly.

4. Legs

Cougar conquer stands on its two legs with support bims.

3. Cable Management

The case has lots of cuts and vents to move the cable to back and time them up.

2. Negative Aspect

The two logos on both side panels are too large and looks very off. Most of the owners might want to remove it at some point.

1. Build Quality

The case is built with high quality aluminium and the finish is premium. With heavy glass panels its fair to say that the build quality is premium and really worth the money paid for it.



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