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Monday, December 6, 2021

“The Key”: New Indie Survival game

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Gaming is an ever evolving industry with new stuff coming out every now and then. In Bangladesh, the industry is relatively new compared to other countries. Gaming is still seen as a waste of time in most cases here in Bangladesh. Even after all these difficulties, Bangladeshi developers are always trying to create something new. The Key is one such game made by a solo developer. In this post, I’ll discuss about these games, “The Key”, and let you know what it is all about.

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You are in a house and the house has four robots. The first robot will start to chase you after you start to survive. The other three will shoot you. There is a pistol in the first two rooms, try to find it to kill the robots otherwise you are dead! After killing the robots, find the key and hit the end of the door to ESCAPE! This game is inspired by Granny and Dark Tunnel.

These games might not be that good, might not be stuff to flex in the international market. But we all start somewhere. These small developers might be the ones developing something that will challenge current AAA developers in the future. The master chefs today didn’t make a perfect dish in the first try.

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Instead of going “Your game sucks, stop developing games, do something else”, inspire the developers. Why not just say, “Hey, your game has these problems, get them fixed, change these, it will make your game significantly better”. Again, nobody makes a masterpiece the first try. We should try to inspire these developers, and support them so they can make something better.

Game link:

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