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How to make game trailer in 5 Easy Steps

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Game trailers are among the strongest marketing assets that you can get in your creative arsenal. When done correctly, it has the power to evoke emotions, build expectations, and allow viewers to see what your game is. If you are into the gaming business, you should know how to excite your audience from time to time. Failing to do so can actually make a lot of them fall out from your brand. To create a game trailer, several elements need to be taken into consideration.

Game trailers need to be interesting, exciting, and full of thrill to make the gamers feel more pumped up. Without an action-packed and visually appealing trailer, people won’t be too interested in spending money on your game. So, you need to create a great game trailer using the right ways.

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Today we have five great tips that we believe will help you create an amazing game trailer. Let’s take a quick look at them here.

Tip #1: Keep It Under 60 Seconds

The trailer should not be too long. If the video is very lengthy, you risk exposing your game too much to the audience. We know that you might have a huge budget and a lot of resources that allow you to create a lengthy and creative video. But, you have to be very clever here.

A memorable visual experience is only possible when the video is not getting monotonous. If your trailer is three to five minutes long, many people will find it boring and unappealing. Any length between 60 – 90 seconds can do a great job.

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The short length of the trailer also has additional advantages. The trailer will be absolutely on point, allowing you to quickly project the best content from your game. This high-value content can be a game highlight, such as cruel death or impressive action scenes.

Try to sell your game at the most amazing moments to surprise your viewers and crave more. With the length of the trailer in mind, stick with it. Everything from scripts to editing the best moments needs to be within it.

Tip #2: Outsource the Effects

The purpose of a game trailer is to blow the viewer’s mind to ensure that they don’t say no to the game. Try a website to find great templates created by experienced video editors for under $50 or $60. So it would be great if you could edit the template yourself using professional tools. If not, hire another local or online freelancer to place the graphics and scenes in an already well-designed template.

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One tip when choosing a template: Be careful to select a layout that suits your game genre and playability. For example, such aggressive movie trailers should be used for similarly dark and bad games, not for casual, lively, and colorful games. If the pre-template for a particular website isn’t right for you, feel free to look around.

There are many other sites that can be used with the same effect. Use a professional and reputed games video editor to edit all the gaming video clips for more effects.

Tip #3: Don’t Overload the Content

When you are going to create a brand new game trailer, we know it can be very difficult to select which elements you want to include in it. There might be a myriad of frames and clips that you are excited to show to the audience. But, you can’t overload the content with too many elements, or else you will quickly overexpose the game. Be very selective when deciding which clips to show.

You should select only those parts of the game that you believe are appealing and are new to the gamers. That is surely going to help to raise curiosity among the audience. Discuss with your team members which clips you should insert in the gaming trailer. Don’t ever stretch the video more than a minute. If you add too many elements to the video, the people will have nothing to be surprised by.

Tip #4: Be Sure of the Voiceover

If the game already has narration, characters, or cutscenes, the game trailer narration is required. But if not, you may be confused about whether to use a professional voiceover. The trailer should be designed and configured according to the script and displayed as a large bold message between scenes or as a screen layout.

This is where narration comes in as an effective technique for drawing viewers into a great story. But that’s not essential for all categories of games. For small games, the story may not be needed. In these trailers, it may be necessary to avoid narration altogether. You can discuss with your team members to find out whether the voiceover is essential or not.

Tip #5: Make Use of the Call to Action

If you have finally finished editing the game trailer, you are on the right path to introduce a CTA. This is the golden moment you need to bring to your website or social media channel. Make sure that all text, images, and action-inspiring phrases blend seamlessly with the visual structure of trailers and cutscenes.

Add a small branding to your independent game studio at the beginning and end of the video to complete your masterpiece. With CTA, you can attract more people to your site and get them to buy new products from your business. A successful CTA will allow you to experience increased website sales and overall revenue. So don’t forget to add an effective CTA at the end of the amazing game trailer.

The Bottom Line

These are the effective ways to make an awesome game trailer with tools and impress your audience in the best possible manner. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will see a great increase in the overall response from the audience out there.

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