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ASUS TUF VG249Q- the Best Asus Gaming Monitor in Bangladesh

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The computer is one of the most used and most necessary devices. In this modern age, we have many gadgets around us. From the very beginning of the current generation, we are using and gradually developing computers. We have grown so much in this section that we have different types of displays for various works. People often get confused about monitors as there are a lot of monitors outside. So then, today, we are here with an Asus gaming monitor and many more things, just for you. Therefore, we will learn about the Asus VG249Q monitor. So, let’s begin.

What Makes a Monitor Stand Out?

Generally, we can find many monitors outside, but we need the best one. We need a monitor which stands out perfectly in every sector. So then, what makes a standard monitor or a gaming monitor, or a productive monitor stand out? Therefore, let’s find out!

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Gaming Monitor 

Gaming Monitor

Usually, this type of monitors is for professional gamers. A typical display can not support the necessity of the gaming display. A gaming display must be of 144Hz and should have a lower response time. So, the response time should not be more than 3 or 4ms. 

Productivity Monitor


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Productivity monitor is usually used for any productive or creative work such as graphics designing, illustrating, and many more. For this kind of monitor, you should look into color accuracy, a wide color gamut, a reasonable refresh rate, etc. 

Apart from this, you will find more and more types, differences, qualities of the monitor. Therefore, to learn more about Asus Tuf VG249Q monitors, you can check out PC Builder Bangladesh’s videos.

Asus VG249Q Monitor

Previously, we learned about monitors, qualities of good monitors, types of monitors, and many more. Now, this is the time for the Asus VG249Q Monitor. This section will see the features, pros, and cons of the Asus VG249Q monitor, which is an Asus gaming monitor. So then, let’s start with the features.

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  • Size- 23.8 inch. So, we can say 24 inches, almost with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Resolution- 1920×1080 full HD display.
  • Panel Type- IPS gaming monitor specially designed for professionals.
  • Color Saturation- 72 percent NTSC

Brightness-  This has 250 nits with shadow boost technology, enhancing the detailing of an image in dark areas. It brightens pictures and doesn’t over-expose these bright areas.

  • Contrast Ratio- It has a typical contrast ratio of 1000:1.
  • Viewing Angle- This monitor has 178 degrees of viewing angle.
  • Response Time- It has a fast response time of 1ms MPRT with elmb or extreme low motion blur technology. This technology helps in reducing further motion blur and ghosting.
  • Refresh Rate- The Asus VG249Q monitor has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is impressive.


  • This Asus gaming monitor supports AMD’s free sync technology.
  • Its stand is designed with extensive tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustment.
  • The monitor has a wide range of connectivity. It offers HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports.
  • You will have a 3.5mm headphone jack also.
  • Lastly, this monitor also offers onboard 2W stereo speakers.


  • This Asus VG294Q monitor does not have a built-in USB option.

If we see this attentively, we will see that this monitor has just one con. Conversely, this monitor has a wide range of pros with a wide range of unique features. So then, these comparisons show the worth of this monitor.

Alternative Monitors

In the earlier section, we discussed the Asus VG249Q Monitor. Now, this is the time for alternative Asus gaming monitors. Here, we will see two monitors. One will be of a lower price than the VG249Q, and the other’s range will be higher than this.

Asus VS228H-P

So, in the first place, we have the Asus VS228H-P gaming monitor. It is less than 100$, which is lower than the price of the Asus VG249Q. This is a masterpiece in this price range. It has a 5MS response time, HDMI port, 21.5 inches LED display, 50:1 color contrast ratio, and many more exceptional features.

Asus VG278Q

Next on the list, we have the Asus VG278Q monitor, which has a price range above 300$. That is higher than the price range of the Asus VG249Q monitor. It is an excellent choice as a gaming monitor in this budget. Lastly, it has a 144 Hz refreshing rate along with a 27 inch full HD display and Nvidia G-Sync technology.

So, these are some of the alternative Asus gaming monitors that you can pick anytime, anywhere. 

Final Verdict 

We started this writing to help you with detailing of some of the gaming monitors of Asus. In this writing, we specifically described the Asus VG249Q monitor, a new gaming monitor of Asus. Other than that, we have brought some alternative gaming monitors with different price ranges for you. Here, we provided you with the detailed information, features, pros, cons, and prices of the monitors. We hope you found it helpful. So then, to learn more, please stay with PC Builder Bangladesh.

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