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Remove Your Office Key Instantly in 2021

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Microsoft Office is one of the most used software in our daily life. We can see its existence from home to the upper authorities & executives. Because, this suite offers the most suitable & sophisticated tools to work in our daily particulars. So, I’m going to mention how anyone & even you can delete the Office key of Your Computer.   

Initially, all should know that the Microsoft’s office suite has a series of tools in it, and thousands & even billions are getting benefit from it on a daily basis. Among those, Word, Excel, and PowerPoints are vastly used for general purpose. We know these vastly because of its various uses in all levels of work throughout the world. The main cause of this happening is the easiest way they created to write all kinds of documents, managerial mails, and etc. 

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From previous sections, we got a pretty good idea that both internationally & domestically various individuals & corporate entities use this software. And unlike any other profit generating software, you need the product key of its to use its all functionality. As a popular software, getting the product key of this software is pretty easy too, and you can even get it from their official website. However, you should keep this in your mind that it costs so much, and all individuals might not afford it or business entities might not pay that much for all their PCs to get the similar service. Therefore, few kind people developed a way to use it for free by replacing the office’s product key. 

So, today, I’ll show you how you can delete your product key from the new & old Microsoft office to replace it with a new one in future.  

Delete Office key in New Versions of Office 2016- 365

Now, I’m going to start showing you how you can replace or delete your PC’s or network’s product key. However, you who is trying it for the first time might face some issues at the beginning but eventually, you can get the grip because it’s the easiest way to delete the office licence that can be replaced in future. This will also help you to stop to solve errors what might be showing on your Word or Excel file all the time. 

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Firstly, I’ll show it on a step by step basis. This method will work on all the new versions including Office 2016, 2019, and office 365. You just need to follow the steps & write or copy paste the same codes on your CMD. 

Start with Opening the Command Prompt or CMD in Windows

For getting into CMD, you just need to search CMD in the windows search bar & have to click on CMD when it appears. It will ask that access with administrator permission. You just have to click okay in this step.


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We all know that our system usually has two main versions 32 bit or 64 bit. Based on this our commands will change. We have to locate the office’s disk path. For that, 

If you have 32 bit system, then enter this:  

Command: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Office16

For 64 bit system, you have to enter this: 

Command: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office16

Office Key Clearing Step in Updated Version

We have located ourselves in the location. Now our next step is getting a few info of that existed license. To achieve that we have to give this command. 

Command: cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus

After waiting a few seconds, we will get to see a few data items appearing on the screen. These are the data that are directly related to the office password or key. But among all the data we need only the last 5 characters of the installed product key field. Because, it’s the only thing we will use in the next step. 

Now, for removing the product key, we have to write the following command & have to put those picked 5 characters in the XXXXX part.

Command: cscript ospp.vbs/unpkey: XXXXX

For reminding you again, that you have to put those five characters in 5X you collected in the last step. If you put it correctly then, your process is successfully executed & our agenda of today of removing the license form office software has been achieved. 

Office Key Clearing Step in Older Version

Still now, people love to do things in classic ways. Therefore, people still use the older versions of Microsoft office in a large portion & their service is well adequate still now. Therefore, I’ve come up with the solution of removing the license key in it too. Luckily, it’s even easier than the updated versions & your will see that in a minute. 

We will use a third party program called Office Key Remover. This will make our journey easier. It’s a light & open source software. So, you won’t have to pay a penny for this. This will allow you to remove the office key instantly, and also give the way to change that key on demand.  But in order to run office key remover, you will need .NET framework. But don’t worry, setting that up is easy too.

After complesion of install, it’s now the turn of removing the key. You can see the interface is farely simple, moreover, you just have to click on the name of the version that you can see that from office XP to office 2013 is mentioned. By clicking one of them, your key will be removed & you can do whatever you want with it from now on. 

Hopefully, you have learned all the necessary steps in order to succeed in your agenda. Stay at our page, PC Builder Bangladesh, to get more updates like these kinds of tricks & tips.


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