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Modification doesn’t have any rigid definition actually, it can be said that if you want to change a certain things default status and make it unique, attractive by thinking out of the box then that’s modification.

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This the 1st time that I’ve participated in the case modding  championship.  Always wanted to participate in such a competition but as there’s not much opportunity in Bangladesh for the modding competition so I was targeting to participate  in  this competition. It is  indeed a great space  for the modders to express  their work as an art to the whole world.

Last year due to an accident I was unable to participate in the competition so I targeted to participate this year and by the grace of Almighty it was a privilege to participate in the competition. Though it was indeed a great challange for me to finish the build in time as there was little confusion regarding the UTC timing. But at last was able to finish it.

At 1st I thought about this concept long ago even before the inwin S frame came as it featured a single piece aluminium sheet to make the base of the full case.

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The SCRATCH CURVZ main feature is it’s main single piece of acrylic which was folded into 4 part to form the case structure. After that another acrylic piece which was folded into 4 part for psu and hdd storage then another 2 part folding acrylic which was done to make the backside panel.


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Another concept of this build is these acrylic pieces and most of the components were mainly the leftover of my previous modding projects. I want to make perfect use of it to make a unique case.

So I will tell a brief of how I made this case here. After the folding part of each acrylic sheets three fan holes and other cut outs such as cable routing cut outs cpu mouting cut outs where made. After the cut outs I used the previously left over metal mesh and fold it in a way so that it can be used as front panel, I made three cut outs in it to mount the front panel components which are fan controller, lighting controller and dvd rw.

I want to give the front and top fan mount and other 3 aluminium part a battle damaged look along with the original rusty look to some of the component after the paintjob it was literally damaged with hardware tools.

Another part was the overall paintjob of the digital camo as it is the 1st time I have done the digital camo paintjob so it was indeed a tough one to give a perfect camo finish but it turned out to be great when you hear comments from the people “IS IT A VINYL STICKER”.

One of the main idea was to make the case color monochrome because I would use led strips and led fan to color co ordinate the case for any theme whicever I wanted….but basically I like the color white most.

Also I made ssd covers and gou backplate to color co ordinate with the build to that it matches perfectly

Some original rusts….

Gpu backplate and ssd cover mod

Some color combination shot of the build….

This was the 1st test run 

And here’s the final build

At last I would like to say there were lots of ups and down while doing this scratch builds…..the last days were so much hectic with sleepless nights. Mostly my wife and parents support, their love were so much that it was really a great boost to my work.

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