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Best Tablets for the Money- Pick from 10.10 and Black Friday Deal!

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The best tablets for the money is not all about budget tablets. It’s all about what you are getting from the price you are paying. These tablets can be expensive or can be super cheap, but the base of its worth resides in its capabilities of those kinds of works. In this article, you can expect to know about different types of tablets, their pros & cons, and the impacts of their specifications. Moreover, you will get to see a Buying Guide in the later section with what you can pick the best tablets for 2020 in the shortest amount of time. Let’s drive into upcoming areas.    

Work-based Tablet Requirements

Different types of people have different types of requirements. A graphics designer won’t get the topmost efficiency with a general-purpose tablet. Similarly, a reader won’t get the perfect environment in any general-purpose or graphics tablet. Therefore, different kind of best tablets of the money has appeared to provide the utmost efficiency. I categories them into four types- 

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All in One Premium Tablet

All in one tablet falls under the premium section laptop. For this kind of tablet, you have to pay substantially much more than the usual tablets, but you will get all the necessary features of all the other three types of tablets. Businesspersons who have daily presentations and want a portable device what can be worked similar to laptops & as well as reading & graphical work then they much choose this category. By paying more once, business people can get much more benefits & they can utilize their shortest amount of free time.   

General Purpose Tablet 

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General-purpose tablets are just a bigger version of your smartphone with good battery life. These kinds of best tablets for the money are used by the general public who want to consume media, read books, and browse the internet. The major portion of tablet users belongs to this category because of getting all the mediocre features at a mediocre price. Today’s youth uses these tablets to play popular mobile games too. These best tablets for the money mostly come with only the android operating system.

Graphics Tablet

Graphics tablets are mostly used by the people who are creative professionals, and teachers, and educational institutions. These best tablets for the money have pressure sensitivity & external pens can be used with it. Graphics designer, video editors, animators, 3D designers design their detailed character with precision with the help of these graphics tablets. And in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, teachers are taking interactive online classes with the help of these graphics tablets. 

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Reading Tablet 

Reading Tablets are popular among the book worms, proofreaders, film producers. Some of those support pen inputs with what you can take notes too. But mostly these tablets come in a black & white theme & with led backlit. These are concern with your reading experience & health of your eyes. Most people pick this to cut costs from paperback books. If you are a regular reader of different genre books, then picking a Reading Tablet will be suitable for you.   

List of Best Tablets for the Money

In this section, I will try to mention category-wise, one or two best picks, the impact of their specification with pros & Cons. Luckily, you will get the online purchasing link for making the quick purchase & utilizing your important time. 

IPad Pro 11 Inch- All in One Premium Tablet

Apple updates their product line up every year, and most of their product become timeless. IPad Pro 11 Inch is one of them. If you are looking for an all in one premium tablet, then this can be your best tablet option. Its offerings are up to date & the resell value stays at the top after the use of a few years. 

IPad Pro 11 Inch


  • 128 GB to 1 TB fast storage will make the file transfer experience & user experience smooth
  • 11-inch display with light 471- 473 gm weight provides great portability. 
  • Apple pencil support provides a great advantage to graphics designers & business professionals. 
  • Truetone display makes the media consumption more enjoyable 
  • IOS gives the better app optimizations than its all the competitor


  • A few top class graphics designing app are made for only IOS. So, you will get to work with them & improve efficiency. 
  • Truetone display provides better color accuracy. 


  • The base model comes with only Wifi. So, if you go for the base model, then it won’t fit into all in one premium tablet. 

Buy IPad Pro 11 Inch Now 

Apple IPad Mini- Best General Purpose Tablet

Apple IPad Mini was fairly popular a few years back. But with the rapid development of IPad Pro, its fame has gone into shadow, but the core performance & features can beat anyone in this market. And with the reduction of price, this has become the best general-purpose tablet of 2020. 



  • 7.9-inch true tone display provides you better color accuracy & working space. 
  • Apple pencil support makes it a top pick for an entry-level graphics designer. 
  • Everyone’s favorite touch id is still present here for better security. 
  • Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset makes it perfect for running up to dates apps. 


  • Its compactness provides better flexibility. 
  • Up to date features make it a cheaper alternative of all in one premium tablet.  


  • The Wifi version of it makes it a less general-purpose tablet.

Buy IPad Mini Now

Wacom Intous Pro- Top Class Graphics Tablet

Graphics tablets are used for various purposes, but I’m concern with a price to performance ration, resell value and the impact on life. This graphics tablet is available in three different sizes. For teaching professionals, I will recommend going to the small one. It’ll be more than enough. For graphics designers, they need extra continuous space to draw or work on. So, for them, the recommendation will be going for a medium one. And who is working in a workstation, they can pick either a medium or large one based on their work profile. 



  • Wacom’s top of the line pens is supported in it. Therefore, creative professionals will get the top performance at less cost.  
  • +- 60 level of tilt & 8192 Pressure level provides better stocks.
  • Eight functional keys & a touch ring provides better control. 


  • It has touch support, what distinguishes it from its competitors 
  • Adobe’s two software subscription comes free with it. 


  • It weighs about 700gm, which’s twice the weight comparing to its competitors. 

Buy Wacom Intous Pro Now

Kindle E-Reader – Consumer’s Top Picked Reading Tablet 

Reading tablets are for reading. You won’t play games, design, or hang out with it. Therefore, you won’t need a top-end processor here. All you need is a great battery life with a decent screen and portability. So, If the wifi system is available with the tablet, then it’s an extra advantage.


  • 167 PPI resolution provides great quality for the reader on a 6-inch screen. 
  • This has built-in wifi connectivity so that downloading books will be easy. 
  • 174 g weight will give great portability. 
  • Its large battery can last for about a week.


  • It provides 80% of the features of a professional-grade product at 50% less cost. 
  • Its 16 level gray scales keep the screen adjusted according to the reader’s eye’s needs. 


  • It’s not waterproof. So, If you want to read on water, then it won’t be a great pick.

Buy Kindle E-Reader Now

In this list, the price was not our main concern; rather, what we are getting from what we were paying for them, and how much impact it shows. So, in online shops, you will get these products at less price while the sales are going on like black Friday, Cyber Monday, Etc.  

Buying Guide- Get the Best Tablets for Money in 2020

I’ve mentioned what I liked about these devices from my personal usages. On the other hand, you might have different tastes. Whatever you will buy, if you follow this buying guide, then you will always pick the right product in the right situation.


Chipset: The smartphones & tablet usages the same types of the chipset. Snapdragon & Bionic chipset is on the top. However the Company doesn’t matter the most. You should pick a 6-8 core CPU based chipset. This will make it future proof. 

Screen: 1080P screen is a must nowadays. Therefore, if you are getting it or more than this resolution, then it’s perfect. Color accuracy depends on the price point. So, if you are spending much, then aim for better color gamut/ accuracy. 

Battery: General purpose & all in one tablet should have 6000 mAh battery, or it should be optimized to last for at least 6 hours. In term of reading tablets, lasting one week is decent, and graphics tablets mostly get power from a laptop or via AC adapter. So, if you are getting the battery in any of those, then that’s an extra advantage. 

IP Rating:  If you are paying much, then aim for an IP68 rating. Yet most of the tablets don’t come with IP ratings. 

Budget & Resell Value:  Your budget is everything at the end. So, compare those four things I mentioned earlier & predict the resell value. If you are getting something with a great resell value, then try to extend your budget a bit. 

Final Verdict

My promise was to provide pieces of information about the best tablets for the money. Luckily, I’ve done it and provided you much more additional advice and suggestions. Therefore mention how much impact it can bring in your life. So, if you were thinking about getting one, but the budget was low, then you should know the sales are going on. You can get these in the chipset price by tapping the buy now button. Give it a shot & stay with PC Builder Bangladesh


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