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Is 6G The Most Anticipated Improvement Of Wireless Technology? Exploring 6G And Its Future

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With each day, we’re feeling the need of high-speed wireless data transfer more and more. And the only way to get that when we’re outdoors or on the go is through mobile data. The current 4g and 5g technology we have is fast enough for regular people. But no one hates more speed right? So today we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming 6g networking technology.

What is 6G?

6G is the sixth generation of wireless technology. It follows up 4G and 5G which are currently the real world standards. It will give much higher networking speeds with a much lower latency while being built on a revamped infrastructure of the current 5G technology. With 6G, we can expect to expand our horizons much further by making use of the incredible speed and latency to improve our technological environment even more. Though this technology still needs a lot of time to come out, experts are talking about this because cellular internet has to compete with increasingly rising demands of the consumers who, for now, have to depend on broadband internet to meet their expectations.

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How Does It Compare To 4G And 5G?

The type of internet technology almost all of the current cell phone providers are serving is 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution). It might sound improved 4G technology, but actually, it isn’t quite able to reach the speculated downloads speeds of 4G. 4G LTE has around 33Mbps download speeds. The newer 5G technology available in some places offers higher speeds from 40-1100Mbps depending on the type of 5G you’re getting. And it is said that 5G might even be able to go as far as 10Gbps speeds but maybe by then, we’ll already have 6G technology. 6G can theoretically go up to 1Tbps. We can only see the actual speeds when it comes out. But we can surely tell that 6G will go beyond just mobile networking and appeal to other businesses and industries. Stuff like automated cars can make use of this technology too.

What Can We Achieve With 6G?

An expert in wireless technology at the University of Sydney has estimated that 6G can reach speeds up to 1Tbps. It is 100 times faster than the top speed of 5G. Though this speed is merely hypothetical and we’re still a long way from reaching speeds of that sorts. 6G will be continuously accessible and it will emphasise on extremely high speeds and reliability.

In 2019, companies experimenting with what’s being called “terahertz waves” or “submillimeter waves.” It is thought to be the best solution for network congestion and bandwidth limitations. This technology is a great improvement over the Millimeter Waves 5G uses resulting in much better response times. Which could lead to using this technology for automated cars and remote surgeries.

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6G technology could also improve Artificial Intelligence applications diverting network management away from centralized cloud systems to localized devices, which would result in much smoother operation and lesser response times. This concept is called ‘Edge Computing’, which could lead to a future where every device could serve as a network antenna.

So What Can We Say About 6G?

We have to keep in mind that as good as 6G sounds, it is still exists just in theory. So it is best if we stick to planning our work according to 4G or 5G. But, a lot of ZTE companies and governments are showing a lot of interest in developing this technology. We have already seen a lot of big tech companies have already started investing in it. So we should just keep our eyes peeled for it and maybe we can actually start using it by a decade or so.

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