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Budget PC Configuration & Buying Guide

Every day we receive a lot of requests to give suggestions about best budget PC configurations may it be gaming or workstations at specific budgets. So we have come up with this section to provide you information about all the components so you can compare and choose for yourself the best and comfortable desktop pc. This category will work as budget suggestions, buying guide as well as component reviews.

Be noted that we shall talk about all the components including CPU cooler, casing fan, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, headphone, headset, gamepad, and ups. If you think we are wrong about something or missing some essential information we are open to suggestions.

Before deciding to buy a new computer, you must have ideas about the followings.

First of all, you must ask yourself one question, “What exactly are you buying the computer for?” Are you buying it for daily use such as watching movies or browsing the web? Or are you looking for a consistent performing computer for your freelance or programming work? Or are you looking to game on your pc? Or are you aiming to become a pure professional creator? Ask yourself these questions, and other questions related to these will automatically pop up.

The very next thing that comes immediately after the first point is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on your computer? How much is your current economic situation allowing you to spend? You need to fix your budget aligning these two conditions. More you spend on your computer the better performance you will get. However, try to keep extra money in your hand just to be safe because the computer market is always changing.


The very next thing that comes after the budget is processor and motherboard. Processors vary from having two cores to a whopping 18 cores. Price of the processor goes up according to the number of cores and threads it has. If you are planning on just casual use or gaming a four-core processor is enough for that. However, if you are planning to do creative works such as editing, rendering, etc. you are going to have to need at least six cores processor and depending on your workload you have, the cores of the processor must increase.


The very next thing is choosing the suitable motherboard. There are 2 major CPU manufacturing companies, Intel & AMD. Intel and AMD processors have different motherboard compatibilities and pin designs. Also in the case of same brand different generation of processors have different motherboard compatibility. So you have to choose your motherboard according to your processor choice.


Random Access Memory or Ram is a device where all the currently running programs on a computer are stored. Modern-day ram varies from 2 GB to 16 GB maximum per stick. You will find two types of ram in the current market and depending on your motherboard and processor, you either have to go for DDR3 or DDR4 ram only.


Storage is where all of your data are kept. You will find two types of storage device. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Where HDD gives you more storage for a lesser price, an SSD will provide you with faster and more consistent performance. Depending on your budget go from an HDD to SSD. Don’t buy an SSD if you are on a tight budget.

Power Supply Unit(PSU):

The most underrated and ignored yet the most important component of any computer. PSU is the device that gives all the electrical juice to your computer. Our suggestions to buyers is to never cheap out on your PSU. Because the safety of your pc depends on it. If you get a cheap PSU someday, it might get overheated or short-circuited, and your pc will instantly be destroyed. There is a specific ranking to PSUs. It goes from normal office PSU to 80+ Bronze all the way to 80+ titanium certification. Higher the ranking higher is the price of that unit.


Chassis also known as the casing is where the core components are held inside. To keep the inside cool most cases come with one or 2 intake or exhaust fans but most of the time they are of cheap qualities.


The most important part of any computer is graphics card or GPU. Although the Intel processors have built-in graphics processing unit, for gaming and other works a dedicated GPU is a must. If you aim for good gaming and professional creativity experience, try to spend at least 30% to 40% of your budget on GPU. There are 2 major GPU manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD Radeon. Which one you should get is entirely on what you personally prefer.


A monitor is what you see all the things happening in your computer on. The main thing that works choosing a monitor is its Display Resolution. If you are on a very tight budget, you may get an 18.5’’ 1366*768 resolution monitor. But most of the people nowadays use 1920*1080 monitor which comes in a variety of sizes. There are also 1440p and 4K ultra HD resolution monitors which cost way more than normal 1080p ones.

Keyboard & Mouse:

These are the 2 items you need to control your computer. You may pass with buying cheap ones but if you want better stability, comfort and lifespan you might want to consider buying gaming keyboard and mouse.


Peripherals include headset, speakers, printers, etc. Buying these items ultimately depends on your personal choice. However, in the case of headsets try to buy good ones with a bit higher price range.

In the end, it all comes down to the followings:

  1. What exactly you need the computer for, not what you want.
  2. How much money you can truly spend.
  3. What brand you prefer and feel comfortable with.

So before deciding to buy a computer, you must think about these three criteria. Hope our posts help you out. If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to comment.


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